Audit and Compliance

In general, auditing is a collective term for economic supervision behaviour. Auditors must review and evaluate the business management responsibilities performed by the managers or operators in the business activities. The objective of an audit is to systematically and independently examine the financial statements of a business/enterprise and present a true and fair view of the financial statements.

The general roles of auditing are:

1. Improve the quality of financial information, maintain a good market order, and ensure the healthy operation of the market economy.
2. Promote and improve internal control and improve the level of operating management.
3. Improve the investment environment and enhance investors’ confidence in the company

ANG Partners has a professional team to facilitate auditing requirements for clients in need. The professional auditor in charge holds the Australian Auditing Association’s license and has more than 10 years auditing experience both in the Big Four firms and in his own practice.

Our services include:

  • Process compliance audit for financial statements in accordance with ASIC requirements
  • Provide audit for financial statements in accordance with group requirements
  • Provide compliance audit for Self-managed super fund (SMSF)
  • Provide compliance audit for Trust accounts
  • Statement of Outgoings provides compliance audit
  • Immigration Audit Report:
  • 188A Business Innovation Visa (small business owner);
  • 188B Business Investment Visa (stock bonds);
  • 132 Business Talent Visa (large business owner)
  • 888 Business Innovation and Investment Visa (permanent residence)

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