2017 ATO new analysis and new tech

Now, today is 4th Sep and it is the fist Monday of Sep. We believe many taxpayers have lodged their tax returns and received their money back. But ATO system have become much more sophisticated with data analysis, such as information sharing within government departments is broadly available.  The system also able isolate data, and target people more accurately. Work related deduction claim have been targeted again and even if you are low income taxpayer, such as annual salary $30,000. The increasing sophistication of the tax office now means these people will be caught, and face penalties and interest on the under paid tax.  The followings are some tips as per ATO:

THINGS YOU PROBABLY CAN’T CLAIM20130426113935_pp-tax-ato-Best-IMG_1562

• Trips between home and work — unless carrying bulky work-related goods

• Car expenses that have been salary sacrificed

• Meal expenses for travel unless you were required to work away from home overnight.

• Private travel or private transport of bulky goods or equipment

• Everyday clothes to wear to work — such as a suit or black pants — even if your employer requires you to wear them

• Deductions for cleaning eligible work clothes without showing how you calculated the cost

• Higher education contributions charged through the HELP scheme

• Self-education expenses if the study is not connected with your current job

• Private use of phone or internet

• Upfront deductions for tools and equipment costing more than $300 each. These must be depreciated over time

Source: Australian Taxation Office

If you want to know what could claim, please contact our office and seek for some expert advise.